Last month, DIY & Industrial Trade News were invited to attend a handover between Ingco and the Gift of the Givers Foundation. This is the beginning of a collaboration between the two companies with tools being supplied to the non-governmental organisation (NGO) for use in their disaster response missions.

Along with his team, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman founder of Gift of the Givers met with the Skillcraft Team where Skillcraft supplied a complete range of Ingco tools to the organisation. Having ascertained the tools most
needed for their disaster interventions and day to day needs, a very generous hamper of products was selected for the organisation.

Inspired by the philanthropic work carried out by Gift of the Givers, Angelos mentioned that he was excited to work with the NGO given how responsible and intentional they are in helping people. Angelos applauded the integrity, passion and commitment that Dr Sooliman and his team displayed in every project they undertake to help people across the globe.

Since its inception in 1992, Gift of the Givers has been responsible for the delivery of lifesaving goods and on-the-ground support for innumerable people, collectively valued at about R4.5bn, in more than 45 countries globally, including South Africa.

The main objective for Gift of the Givers is to restore the hope and dignity of the most vulnerable in their time of need, rebuilding prosperous communities and empowering leaders of tomorrow.

“This is the beginning of a partnership that we believe will continue going strong and we urge more retailers and hardware stores to partner with this NGO as they are working for the common good of our people,” said Angelos. Gift of the Givers are involved in projects both globally and locally, they are the
first port of call when disaster strikes (earthquakes, fires, civil war, floods etc). At the time of writing, the harsh weather conditions in the Western Cape have left people stranded and seeking shelter – Gift of the
Givers had already intervened with blankets, food, clothing and shelter.

On a day-to-day basis the organisation is involved with communities that are in constant need of assistance due to the economic realities facing our country. The Gail Britoe Foundation in Eldorado Park – a foundation that feeds the needy and creates a haven for children in the community – is one of the organisations receiving ongoing support from Gift of the Givers. Soup kitchens in East London where unemployment has reached catastrophic numbers are recipients of monthly bulk food distribution. These are just two of the daily initiatives supported by the NGO.

Gift of the Givers work closely with the Search and Rescue unit of the SAPS and tools were also donated to this unit to help them with their incredible efforts to locate and save animals and humans when
disaster strikes.

Wherever you turn in South Africa, Gift of the Givers are the NGO offering support. At the end of his visit, Angelos asked Sooliman to address the Skillcraft employees. Sooliman’s inspiring talk focused on the
positives in South Africa and the difference that teams like those at Ingco can make to the country as a whole. Tools and hardware products are essential in all rescue missions, and he expressed his gratitude to the company for selecting Gift of the Givers as their partner.

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